Brute Drop Press Kit

Brute Drop is a small game development studio from Subotica, Serbia, made up of Mark Marcikić and Noel Tímár. The pair met in college, where they, along with Roland Torma, thought up the first concepts of King of Wildlings. After the founding of the game studio in the summer of 2016, they took some time off from King of Wildlings to create Zuhu, a super difficult top-down endless runner that was released for Android. Once that was done, the team returned to the development of King of Wildings, which is still in progress today.


  • Mark Marcikić (Programming)

  • Noel Tímár (Design)


  • Roland Torma (Animations)

  • Levente Bencsik and Zsombor Bencsik (music and sound effects)

  • Tivadar Kolozsi - Trexyca Artworks (cover art)




  • Brute Drop as a whole:

  • Mark Marcikić:

  • Noel Tímár: